This is how you can buy a new home before you sell using Homeward.

The number one issue home sellers face right now is selling their old homes before they buy a new one. Because the market is so hot, homes sell in no time, giving people short windows to find a new place to live. Today I’ll explain how you can avoid this issue by buying your new home before you sell.

The first step towards buying before you sell is to become approved through a program called Homeward. They pre-approve you for a certain amount of money, and then we can begin shopping for your new home.

Step two is to make a cash offer on the home you want. You can make a cash offer through the Homeward program, and this is great because cash offers are four times more likely to be accepted than financed ones.

Step three is to get loan documents approved by working with me and homeward.

“Cash offers are four times more likely to be accepted than financed ones.”

The fourth step is to move into your new home. You can rent the new home from Homeward while you begin the selling process, so you can move in right away.

The fifth step is to list and sell your current home. Homeward gives you six months to sell your home. In today’s market, that is more than enough time, but if you have concerns, they will guarantee to buy your house after six months if no one else does.

The sixth step is to buy your new home. After closing on the contract with Homeward, you’ll be a happy owner of your new home.

By using this process, you can avoid the headache of not knowing what to do once you’ve sold your home. I tried to keep things simple, so if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am always willing to help.